Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

The challenge was to create a writing piece from one or more of the following prompts. I, as usual, chose to use all three. This one’s short. Enjoy!

1. “But robots can’t join heifers at the county fair, Uncle Zeeb!”
2. Obsolete literate long distance information directory operators
3. Camelot

“But robots can’t join heifers at the county fair, Uncle Zeeb!” Jimmy said, bouncing up and down in protest.

“Why not?” Uncle Zeeb asked, looking perplexed as he got up from his knees and brushed himself off.

“They just can’t!” Jimmy replied, exasperated.  “Everyone knows that!”  Uncle Zeeb didn’t seem to know much of anything.  Every time he turned around, he was messing up.  He believed in Martians, and thought that Andromedans could fly!  Where did he learn this stuff?  He was hopeless.  Jimmy remembered when he was four and Uncle Zeeb had kept trying to teach him some game involving obsolete literate long distance information directory operators.  Jimmy couldn’t see the point.  Then he’d gone on and on about some guy named Arthur and some place called Camelot.  Jimmy was beginning to think that Uncle Zeeb was in need of deep psycho-cleansing.  Perhaps a brain wipe would be called for.  Jimmy knew that that would set things straight.  He’d share with the Keeper after playtime.

“Okay, Uncle Zeeb.  I don’t want to play anymore,” he announced.

“I’m sorry, Jimmy!  I’ll get it right!  Can’t we play just a bit longer?”  Uncle Zeeb pleaded.

Afraid not!  I’m done.  Now go back to your place.”

Uncle Zeeb’s countenance fell.  Shuffling away to the next room, he stood on a silver disk in the corner.  A bluish light bathed his body and he slipped into the cold familiar trance.  The light stopped and Uncle Zeeb remained standing, more mannequin than man, frozen in place.

    Yes, a good brain wipe would do the trick, Jimmy thought.  He was sure Uncle Zeeb would be as good as new, no more of that archaic nonsense.   Maybe he should activate mom for some advice?  No, he decided, just go to the Keeper.  But first it was time to eat.  Shutting the light off in the playroom, he headed to lunch.

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