The Big Event

motherandchild So, the first big event, after moving in, was the home birth of our grandson, Solomon.  His imminent arrival was the driving force behind our moving in when we did, even though the builder wasn’t exactly finished with everything.  Solomon was due to arrive on Valentine’s Day Weekend, but he didn’t.  That was the weekend after we moved in.

The next weekend was the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas, and event that we’d been waiting for much longer than we’d been waiting for Solomon.  Nathan, my son, and his wife Grace were supposed to go with us (with the newly arrived baby).  Of course, he hadn’t, so they didn’t.  But we did and we kept our phones handy, ready to bold back home at a moment’s notice.  It didn’t happen.  Solomon wasn’t going to come until he was good and ready.

Now you may be asking, why a home birth?  And why at our house?  While I can’t answer all the reasons a couple may choose home birth versus a hospital birth, I can comment that hospitals are a relatively new invention and modern medicine here in the West, has followed the trend so many of our institutions have followed, the industrial model.  Having been through the births of our two sons, I can attest to the impersonal experience that is.  A home birth gives expecting parents control over how they want to go about experiencing this life-changing event and allows them to set the stage for a warm welcome to their newest family member.

My wife has wanted to be involved with a home birth after the less than pleasant experience we had with Nathan’s birth, which was no fault of his.  It wasn’t meant to be.  We’ve had no more children since then and are unlikely to now.  So she’s waited for the opportunity to present itself with people we know. As pastors of a small church for over eleven years, there have been a few opportunities, but none of them ever worked out.  But this one was our grandchild—it had to work out!  Nathan and Grace live way out in the country, too far for comfort if anything were to go wrong and a trip to the hospital was in order.  At the midwife’s urging, they needed to find some place closer to the hospital.  That was our cue!

On February 24, at about 5;15 PM, Solomon entered this world in our back bedroom, after many arduous hours of labor.  Mother and child are healthy and well, and everyone, including the father and grandparents (and everyone else, for that matter) are happy as can be about it, too!

What a way to bless our home!  We pray that it is just the beginning of wonderfulness here at Hough Hollow!

How about you?  Have you had any life-changing events lately?  Share here.


Author: michael

I am a would-be writer, hoping it's not too late to make a difference. By day I teach US History to 13-year-olds, by night I plot a better world.

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