Moving Day


Reading over the last entry, I realized we left you hanging with the promise that in two weeks we would be moving in.  After many false promises and dashed hopes, we, in fact, did move in on the first weekend of February (actually on the first Friday of February).  As I am writing this, it is now March 11 and we’ve been in the house for a little over a month.

One  highlight of the move would be many friends showing up unexpectedly and helping us to move everything we own in less than three hours.  We could not have done it without them!

Two houses ago, we lived in a 2800 square foot home in the Avenues of Huntsville.  The house had five bedrooms and six walk in closets, as well as another 500 square feet of garage and screened in porch.  We downsized when our two boys moved out, settling in a 1744 square foot home in Elkins Lake, a place I never thought I’d live.  Three lakes, three 18-hole golf courses, a country club and a hefty HOA fee (as well as the occasional Nazi neighbor minding our business, as well as their own).  Our escape plan has been to move into the country into a 1240 square foot home.  To manage this, we shed the formal dining room and the third bedroom.  We gave away a lot of furniture and had a successful garage sale.  Everything we owned fit into two places: a 10 x 10 foot storage room and a 10 x 16 foot storage building that doubled as a shop for our tools.  This building held mostly the things from our garage and attic.  The new house has no attic and very little storage.  Keeping it simple has been forced on us by design.

The next few articles will continue to update you on our progress.  We’ll share our newest projects.  We’ll try to avoid whining about things we can’t change.  Keep it positive, right?

How about you?  Have you made a life decision to move from a too-much-stuff, consumeristic lifestyle to a more simple life?  Share your story.  We’d love to hear from you!


Author: michael

I am a would-be writer, hoping it's not too late to make a difference. By day I teach US History to 13-year-olds, by night I plot a better world.

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