Are You Going to Mother Earth News Fair?

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Yes, it finally happened.  After many decades of enviously watching other states getting to enjoy this even, Mother Earth News finally brought the Mother Earth News Fair to Texas.  It was held in Belton, Texas, a good 2+ hours from our home in Huntsville, but well worth the trip.  To be gathered together with so many like-minded people, to hear so much great information and to browse through so many products and services designed for the very things we are attempting, it was intoxicating!

The highlights for us was first of all, the chicken processing demonstration on Sunday morning with David Schafer, of Featherman Equipment and Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farm.  While we will never spend the money for the set-up they had there, what was most refreshing was their approach to the process, philosophically and spiritually.  Here’s a clip of the event:

Another person I enjoyed meeting and learning from was the former roller-derby queen, Jessi Bloom, of Northwest Bloom Ecological Landscapes.  Her homestead hacks and introduction to small-scale permaculture was informative and entertaining.

We also enjoyed the Ploughshare Institute’s presentations.  They are offering opportunities to learn the skills of yesterday: weaving, wood working, pottery and more.  We’re making plans to attend their Homestead Fair on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  What a refreshing alternative to Black Friday!

Thank you, Mother Earth News for finally bringing this event to the great state of Texas.  Come back again next year and you can be sure we’ll be there, with many of our friends!

How about you?  Have you ever been to the Mother Earth News Fair?  What did you think about it?  Share your opinion with us.


Author: michael

I am a would-be writer, hoping it's not too late to make a difference. By day I teach US History to 13-year-olds, by night I plot a better world.

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